Gustaf Ahdritz

I'm a first-year PhD student in Computer Science at Harvard University. I'm a member of the Machine Learning Foundations Group and am advised by Jonathan Frankle and Boaz Barak.

I'm broadly interested in empirical investigations of the properties of realistic deep neural networks. At the moment, I'm thinking about curriculum learning and interpretable prompt tuning.

I recently graduated from Columbia with a B.A. in Computer Science & History (2020) and an M.S. in Computer Science (2021). There, I work with Mohammed AlQuraishi on the applied task of protein structure prediction and lead the development of OpenFold. I also spent time in Kathleen McKeown's lab and the History Lab.


* denotes equal contribution


  • OpenFold: Retraining AlphaFold2 yields new insights into its learning mechanisms and capacity for generalization
    Gustaf Ahdritz, Nazim Bouatta, Sachin Kadyan, Qinghui Xia, William Gerecke, Timothy J. O'Donnell, Daniel Berenberg, Ian Fisk, Niccolò Zanichelli, Bo Zhang, Arkadiusz Nowaczynski, Bei Wang, Marta M. Stepniewska-Dziubinska, Shang Zhang, Adegoke Ojewole, Murat Efe Guney, Stella Biderman, Andrew M. Watkins, Stephen Ra, Pablo Ribalta Lorenzo, Lucas Nivon, Brian Weitzner, Yih-En Andrew Ban, Peter K. Sorger, Emad Mostaque, Zhao Zhang, Richard Bonneau, Mohammed AlQuraishi
    bioRxiv, 2022.
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  • Single-sequence protein structure prediction using a language model and deep learning
    Ratul Chowdhury, Nazim Bouatta, Surojit Biswas, Christina Floristean, Anant Kharkar, Koushik Roy, Charlotte Rochereau, Gustaf Ahdritz, Joanna Zhang, George M. Church, Peter K. Sorger, Mohammed AlQuraishi
    Nature Biotechnology, 2022.
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I've served as a teaching fellow/assistant for the following courses at Harvard and Columbia:
  • Spring 2023: Foundations of Deep Learning (Harvard COMPSCI 229br) with Boaz Barak
  • Spring 2019 - Spring 2021: Advanced Programming (Columbia COMS 3157) with Jae Woo Lee


  • 2022 - 2028: Ashford Fellowship (Harvard)
  • 2020: Andrew P. Kosoresow Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching and Service (Columbia SEAS)
  • 2019: Dean Hawkes Memorial Prize (Columbia College)


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